This 4-week college readiness series is designed for high school grade levels 9th-12th for an in-depth study to being college ready. We will be covering the following topics: College F.I.T., Financial Aid/Scholarships, The College Writing Process, ACT/SAT Training, the Mental Mind State, HBCU 101, and MORE! Only 20 students will be accepted per cohort. Each participant will be receiving a college readiness book and workbook with registration.
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Did you know that approximately 19.6 million high school seniors apply to college each year? Mind blowing; right? Students go through a "traditional" college process according to what their school counselors or parents/guardians provide, but have you ever wondered how college admission counselors evaluate college applications? Well, your wonder is over! Introducing The College Admission Counselor Experience.
Within this experience, students will be "acting" college admission counselors while being exposed to the following:
-Evaluating high school transcripts -How to read financial aid award letters -Accepting, Denying, or Waitlisting Students -Best practices for college essay writing -Evaluating standardized test scores -Awards Merit-Based/Institutional Aid -MUCH MORE!
The purpose of this interactive experience is for students to see college admissions from a different, educational lens. This experience will allow students to be aware of these practices to prepare them for their college process in high school during their senior year.
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SETTING: In-Person
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